Labeling Machine

  • Labeling Machine

    Model: THL Series

    Maker: Sansei Seiki Co.,Ltd.

    Labeling machine THL is table top laberling machine. THL labeling machine is desighned for production of various kind and small lot. THL labeling machine is adapted to various size and shape products changing only 1 size parts.

    Model THL-3 THL-5
    Label size (H) 20-95 mm.
    (W) 45-200 mm.
    Core Ø 76mm. Dia.Ø200 mm.
    Container size
    Belt conveyor Yes
  • Labeling Machine

    Model: SL-X

    Maker: Sansei Seiki Co.,Ltd.

    Labeling machine SL-X is specialized machine for LIPSTICK product. SL-X labeling machine can put the label to bottom of lipstick container with high speed and high accuracy machine. The coding and checking device are able to mount in the machine by option.

    capacity 60 countaners/min ( max)
    Labeling accuracy ±1mm
    Target product Lipstick shape product ( cylinder, rectangular, oval )