Packaging Machine

  • High Speed Blister
    Packaging Machine

    Model: PRESTA Series

    Maker: MUTUAL

    • Pharmaceutical

    PRESTA series is an innovative blister packaging machine. The single thermoforming system makes possible to form various film like PVC, PVDC, PP and other laminated films.
    PRESTA series is designed for various kinds production. Few change over parts, short change over time and full servo movement. PRESTA series has 4 machines lineup, PRESTA 1000, 2000, 4000 and 6000 depending on customers requirment. PRESTA series mount eye-mark register system standardly.

    Model PRESTA 1000 PRESTA 2000 PRESTA4000 PRESTA 6000
    Film Width 150mm 220mm 150mm 220mm
    2,486 x 1,217 x 1,927 2,486 x 1,287 x 1,927 2,486 x 1,217 x 1,927 2,486 x 1,287 x 1,927
    Machine Weight 1,400kg 2,000kg 1,400kg 2,000kg
    Capacity 1,000 tablets / min 2,100 tablets / min 4,000 tablets / min 6,000 tablets / min
  • Compact Cartoner

    Model: PRONT-01

    Maker: MUTUAL

    • Food
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Cosmetic

    This machine is semi-automatic cartoning machine PRONT-01. PRONT is compact and simple cartoning machine with 12 station. The change over parts are only a few when customer produce new product. The change over time is about 10 ‒ 15 minutes.

    Output 20-40 cartons / min
    Machine Dimension Approx 1,500(L)×980(W)×1,400(H)mm
    Machine Weight Approx :200kg
  • Strip Packaging Machine

    Model: ST-200/ST-300

    • Pharmaceutical

    The stripe packaging machine ST series is most highest capacity machine in the world. ST series is desighned in base on concept of easy to clean up and change over. According to packaging material, ST series is adapted to various film material, for example PP, cellophan and alminum foil.

    Model ST-200 ST-300
    Output (MAX) 1,200 tablets (capsules)/min 2,400 tablets (capsules)/min
    Roll of Sheet 2 4
    Film width (MAX) 200mm 400mm
    Machine Dimension 1,350 x 880 x 2,100 mm 1,480 x 1,350 x 2,250 mm